Automate your betting strategies.
No coding required.

Robo Bet allows users to create rules to bet automatically.
What to bet and when to bet

Favourites Condition

Favourites Condition New

Available now, Robo Bet new favourites condition allows you to select the favourites you are after in Horse, Harness and Greyhound racing.

Only want to bet on 1st, 2nd or 3rd favourites in a race?

Robo Bet can do that for you.

Bet Automatically, 24/7

Robo Bet is an online platform which automatically places bets for you, based on rules and conditions which you have set.

Simple and easy to use. Choose from pre set rules or create your own.

Cloud based, running 24/7 to place your bets as soon as your conditions are met.

Rules will continue to run for all future races or matches which meet the set conditions. Just set and forget.

Racing and Sports

Works on Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby League, Aussie Rules plus many more.

Plenty of Markets and Options

Bet on Win & Place, Full Time Result, Home tems, Away teams, Favourites, Underdogs with new options regularly.

No coding required

Create rules using clear and simple menus. No coding knowledge required.

Trigger Events to Bet, Based on Price or Time

Bet automatically when the market reaches your set price or set it to bet at a certain time. It's up to you.

No Software Installation Required

Cloud based. Use with any web browser. No need to install any desktop software and no need to leave your computer running.

Set and Forget

Rules will run at the schedule you choose and will repeat for all future races or matches that fit your conditions.

Track Distance Condition

Track Distance Condition

Track distance condition allows you to create rules to run based on your track distance preference.

Only want to place orders for events where the track distance is between 300 metres and 1000 metres?

Robo Bet can do that for you.



Robo Bet offers templates to help you get started quickly.

Want to back the favourite sprinter in horse racing?

Robo Bet can do that for you.

Our Pricing Plans

Our FREE plan is suitable for beginners and we have paid plans with extra features and higher limits to suit casual punters, experienced traders and professionals.

There's a plan to suit everyone.



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  1. "All Runners" Feature Limited time offer
  2. 2 Active Rules
  3. 4 Rule Creation Limit
  4. Up to $500 Monthly Betting Volume
  5. Suitable for Beginners


$ 20 /month

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  1. "All runners" Feature
  2. 10 Active Rules
  3. 15 Rule Creation Limit
  4. Up to $20,000 Monthly Betting Volume
  5. Suitable for Casual Punters


$ 50 /month

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  1. "All runners" Feature
  2. 50 Active Rules
  3. 50 Rule Creation Limit
  4. Unlimited Monthly Betting Volume
  5. Suitable for Experienced Traders and Professionals

Partnered with Betfair

Robo Bet has a licensed agreement with Betfair, the world's largest online betting exchange. Bets are placed directly through the exchange via Betfair's API (Application Programming Interface).

Open a Betfair account now and link your Robo Bet account to start betting automatically.

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How it works


Robo Bet is unique and the first of its kind.


Using simple menus, you can create customised rules which automatically bets for you when your set conditions are met.


No coding knowledge is required. Robo Bet is cloud based and can be used on any web browser without the need to install complicated desktop software or to leave your computer running.


Robo Bet will run 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, based on what time you want it to bet and what conditions to bet on.


Rules will continue to run for future races or matches which meet the conditions until they are stopped.

No. Robo Bet is an online service which provides software for users to schedule bets using their Betfair account. Robo Bet is partnered with Betfair, the largest betting exchange in the world.

Yes. Robo Bet is used under license and is endorsed by Betfair. The technology runs off Betfair's API (Application Programming Interface), which means your Betfair account won’t be restricted for using Robo Bet, unlike other bots which rely on scraping and simulating human actions.

The best way is to open a Betfair account and read up on Betfair betting basics. This will give you a good understanding of what backing and laying is and what odds mean and how much is returned from a bet.

Yes! Robo Bet is FREE to use on the Basic Plan. There are 3 plans you can choose from: Basic (Free), Casual ($20/month) or Trader ($50/month) Plans. Each plan will have varying limits available to it, such as the number of rules which can be created. More information on pricing and plans can be found here. Betfair may have associated commissions and charges on winning bets. More information can be found here.

Robo Bet is Australian company, based in Sydney. It was created by a group of betting industry experts who needed a platform to automatically place bets using pre-set strategies. Seeing that no current services exist which offer this need, they set about making their own software and in the process, created Robo Bet.

As long as you are over 18 and have an active Betfair account, you can sign up to Robo Bet here.